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The #1 Stair Lift Dealer in the Stateline Area for over 33 years.

New Stair Lifts - Starting at $3,100 Installed

 A Stairlift or Vertical Platform Lift, whether new, used or reconditioned, is an important improvement to your home. And, although Bruno has spent years simplifying the design of all our accessibility products, they are still foreign to most handy-men. Safety is our overriding concern. Bruno dealers and their installation professionals know the minute, yet critical, factors to safe installation.

The Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (AEMA) provides the most knowledgeable information on stairlifts and residential elevators. Read why it strongly advises against self-installation of any stairlift or residential elevator product. Your safety could be at risk!

Straight Rail Stair Lifts


Stairway lifts can have numerous features, appropriate for your individual needs and budget. We ensures that whichever stairlift you select for your home meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Decades of experience translate into superior knowledge and understanding of your needs, met through the finest innovative designs.

So, when the day comes that you decide you want to enhance your home with a stairlift, proceed with confidence! Bruno stairway lifts will provide you with years of dependable performance. Any of our dealers across the nation (and around the world) will be happy to explain the specific features of each  stairlift.


We Sell & Service New & Used Stair Lifts

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