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Mobility Scooters


A mobility scooter or handicap scooter could be a great choice if you have limited mobility due to an existing medical condition. If you desire the freedom to go when and where you want, mobility scooters from Mobility Connection can open the world to you and your loved ones. Handicap scooters get you going in almost any weather and are available in dozens of makes and models.


Manual Wheelchairs


Compact and tightly folding designs make it possible for your manual wheelchair to fit into tiny car trunks and even overhead bins on airplanes, while providing a rigid frame performance creating stability and better handling. Adjustable wheelchairs and folding wheelchairs are especially suited to active users, including athletes.

Power Wheelchairs


Power wheelchairs are the perfect choice for easily maneuvering indoors. A power chair plugs in for an overnight recharge, feature four or six wheels for stability and safety, and are adjustable for your riding comfort. Mobility Connection offers quality brands of electric wheelchairs with different styles, sizes, options, and wheelchair accessories to create a mobility device to meet your mobility and lifestyle needs.

Lift Chairs / Recliners


Rest assured, the chair that’s just right for you incorporates the finest materials and most advanced technology, is assembled with attention to every detail, and stands up to rigorous quality control.

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