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The #1 Stair Lift Dealer in the Stateline Area for over 35 years.

We can install a custom lift in just 3-5 weeks, the fastest in the industry!


Custom Curved Stairlifts 

We have installed and serviced custom cured rail stairlifts for over 30 years. We offer  free quotes and can install your new stairlift as fast as 3-4 weeks including installation. 

Typical pricing starts at $13,500 and can vary based on rail options and power options such as power swivel.  The installation is done in one day. 

The lift is battery operated and a small charger which plugs into a wall outlet is used. You do not need to install an electrical outlet exclusively for the lift. Since the lift is low-voltage we can run the small wire to the nearest outlet.

The mounting of the lift is on the steps only, not the walls.


Deal direct with the owner with over 30 years experience in access and mobility, not a pushy sales person.  We are a small family owned and operated business. 

What is Aging in Place?

There’s a new trend taking place  the senior community: It’s called “aging in place.” Simply put, the majority of seniors are looking for ways to stay in their homes, as opposed to moving to a nursing home or assisted living. 

About Curved Stair Lifts

Custom curved stair lift are custom-built to perfectly match your stairway's turns, curves, and / or landings. The stair lift is attached directly to the stair treads and are not screwed to the walls. 

Your custom curved stair lift can be designed to fit on either side of the staircase that works best for you. During your free consultation, our lift expert will help you decide the best choice for installation.

Stair lift Length & Width Requirements

A custom curved stair lift can be manufactured to fit nearly any staircase configuration. We use today's technology to digitally map and measure your stairlift which ensures a profession installation. When not in use, the seat, arm rests, and footrest fold up to maximize the usable walking area.

24 Volt Battery Power Source

The curved stair lifts from Mobility Connection Inc. are battery-powered, and require access to a basic 110v outlet in order to recharge the unit’s battery. In the event of a power outage, a fully-charged stair lift will continue to run and provide the same ability to up or down the staircase.

See How The Curved Stair Lift is Built

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Speak with a Accessibility Expert Now
815-965-8090 or 866-592-9600

We are typically $500 to $1,500 less than direct sellers and out of state retailers !
Why Choose Mobility Connection?

We are a locally owned and operated business for over 37 years.  Our prices are substantially less than other retailers including online sellers. We service what we sell, we won't send you somewhere else if you have a problem. 


We will arrange a time to meet with you at your home and do a assessment for a stair lift and go over any concerns you may have and inform you of the options available. This normally takes about 10-15 minutes. Once you choose the lift and any options we provide a written quote. If you decide to move forward and purchase, we will schedule the installation time, typically we can install within 3-4 weeks.


 When your stair lift is installed, our Mobility Specialists will go over the operation with you and have you operate it yourself. Average time for installation is one day. 


The lift comes standard with two wireless call/send remotes, which can be mounted on the wall top and bottom of the staircase. There is a rocker switch on the armrest that is used when occupied. The seat swivels at the top landing. The chair can be parked anywhere along the rail and the batteries will continue to charge, The seat,armrest, and footrest fold up to allow maximum room when walking the stairway. 


  • Seven different upholstery selections

  • A Power Swivel Seat at the top landing for confident, effortless exit

  • A Power Folding Footrest – automatically flips up when the seat is raised, and down when seat is lowered

  • Mid Park and Charge station for staircases that have a landing between the top and bottom of the stairs

  • Larger Footrest (length & width)

  • Larger Seat available

  • Optional top or bottom park position provides additional security when entering or exiting

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